Our beautiful wild flowers

The rare and beautiful flora
of Badachro and Gairloch.

With the seasons come a succession of beautiful wild flowers and plants. Early spring sees the Primroses and Wild Iris, bluebells and bog cotton, followed by carpets of Common Orchids.

Looking carefully when walking on hill paths a whole new world of interesting plants is opened up to you, including the fascinating carnivorous Sundew.

See our gallery of the flora of Badachro and The Gairloch.

Rockpools are always a treat to explore along the rocky West Coast (whatever your age) and on the shore often are found Sea Urchins, Star and Jellyfish and a miriad of beautiful shells.

La Girafe

Meconopsis, the The Himalayan Blue Poppy thrives in our temperate climate.

Ancient Caledonian Pine Trees adorn the area and some of the oldest in Europe can be found on the islands in Loch Maree.

Foragers will find plenty of Chanterelle mushrooms during the early autumn as well as Hedgehog Mushrooms and Ceps in the plentiful wooded areas. Blackberries and Rose Hips are also plentiful.

In autumn the beautiful red Rowan Berries provide a welcome splash of colour before the spectacular colour changes of late autumn.

Fly agaric, one of our most distinct and toxic mushrooms

Fly Agaric, one of our most captivating and toxic mushrooms.

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